Our Teachers

I must say that my teacher is excellent. She is serious about getting us to learn and improve but manages to keep the lessons fun and enjoyable. The standard of teaching has always been high.

Richard Trinder, Google UK

The tutors

Tutors are university graduates who have all been recruited for their competence in effective teaching of their mother tongue, their capacity to impart their knowledge in as clear a way as possible and their enthusiasm.

Many tutors have worked with Ariane Languages for a number of years. We are very aware of our tutors’ strengths and they are reviewed constantly to allow us to match carefully the teachers’ areas of expertise (beginners, advanced, general, economics, business) with the needs of the individual client.

In addition to their teaching qualifications, some are particularly qualified through studies or experience to teach professionals in areas such as banking, law, the media and sales and marketing and we can provide teachers who feel comfortable at all levels, including the very advanced.

We understand the need for a well prepared and effective teacher capable of keeping the right pace of progress, who understands the client’s goals, and who is able to motivate and convey pleasure in learning a foreign language.

I have been receiving French classes from Ariane Languages for the last two years. I have now gained the respect of my colleagues in Paris when I speak French to them. Their teachers are extremely professional, punctual and flexible.

Bridget Bowen, Manager, London office, Emanuel Ungaro