HR & Employee Development

Understanding your objectives

The first essential step is to make sure we fully understand your objectives. A Training Needs Analysis will be followed by an initial assessment of participants’ conversational, grammatical and comprehension level. The course structure will then be established and will incorporate the necessary ‘building blocks’ to achieve the agreed targets.

Services for Employee Development and HR Managers

Companies have turned to Ariane Languages to train a very large number of staff, but also for occasional training of single employees. We will help you set up the most appropriate training programme, whether it is forming homogenous groups, organising flexible individual tuition, or setting up short courses prior to an assignment.

Tuition pace varies and we are able to look over the entire programme and advise on reconstituting or merging groups if necessary, making sure you maximize the speed of progress and thus your training investment. We also understand the importance for firms to monitor learners’ progress while keeping a close eye on company costs.


We can set up training programmes efficiently, quickly and are able to offer you a great flexibility. The duration of each course format depends upon the current level and the objectives of the learner.