Our Teaching Approach

“I am very impressed by my tutor. The structure, planning and content of the lessons are really professional.”

Mark Dressel, Senior Marketing Manager, BBC World News

An attention to your needs

Ariane Languages ensures that its courses are carefully structured but at the same time incorporate enough flexibility to be able to approach the language needs of each course participant individually.

You may have a sound understanding of grammar or respond best to a more communicative approach; our teachers will adjust their approach as suits best.

An emphasis on speaking the language

Tuition generally places great emphasis on confidence in expression, which is developed in the context of practical situations, relating the use of the language as much as possible to real life. We however know the importance of having balanced skills and other key areas such as accuracy, vocabulary range and oral and reading comprehension are all blended in our approach.

A solid start

We pride ourselves in being careful in giving you strong basic skills when you start learning a language, through a training of quality. You may not always need to carry on studying the language to a very high level but if you do, you will then be able to build upon this base without difficulty.

Effective and enjoyable tuition

Our teachers are expert in judging the right pace of progress, well briefed on the client’s goals, and able to motivate their students and help them enjoy the process of learning a foreign language.

A point is made of combining effective tuition with an informal atmosphere.