Japanese Courses in London

Japanese courses are offered at all levels from complete beginners to Advanced and are delivered by qualified and experienced Japanese mother-tongue teachers.

Whether you want to acquire a general knowledge of Japanese or learn for business purposes Ariane Languages will be able to offer you a selection of Japanese courses in various formats.

Through carefully programmed courses, a teaching of quality and use of a variety of current material we work to ensure that progress is as rapid as possible.

General Japanese courses in London

General courses provide a balanced instruction in the language. They build fluency, vocabulary, grammar/accuracy and comprehension. The courses include a variety of up to date materials relating to everyday life, current affairs and culture.

Refresher Japanese courses in London

You may have learnt Japanese in the past but not practised for a number of years. These short courses (typically 10 weeks) will help you regain your true level, upon which you can start building, or then join a group at a suitable level.

Business Japanese courses in London

These courses focus on the learner’s particular commercial activity and work context.
They teach you to master oral and written Japanese communication with clients or foreign partners and help you understand the socio-economic context of the country.

They give the learner confidence in using the language in business situations. They can include training in telephone skills, understanding Japanese technical literature, in Japanese business negotiations, in making presentations in Japanese, and in mastering specialised terminology.

Until you have reached an advanced level, they will be combined with general language instruction to reach the required level of overall fluency.

Short Japanese course prior to a presentation or a business trip

These courses will be most suitable for people who have reached an Upper Intermediate or Advanced level in Japanese but need to increase practice and confidence prior to a presentation or a business trip.

Japanese courses aimed at sitting an external qualification

External examinations can give the client an objective outside yardstick against which to measure the effectiveness of the language training.

We can help you prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) at progressive levels.