Duration of the course

Each course can be arranged:

  • For a set number of lessons (typically 10/20/30 and 40)
  • For a set duration (for example for a 3 or 6 month period)
  • As a short course – typically 3 sessions of 3 hours or 4 sessions of 2 hours. Specifically tailored to suit a specific need such as preparation for negotiations/a presentation/a business trip.

Flexible Individual tuition

  • 1:1 training
  • One or two 90 minute lessons per week

Arranged on a flexible basis at times suited to the learner’s schedule. For those of our customers who have particular time constraints or whose schedules tend to change at short notice.

Group tuition

  • From 2 up to six students
  • One or two 90 minute lessons per week

A cost-effective option to train staff with a similar standard in a language.

Group tuition combined with 2 individual lessons for each participant per set of lessons

The individual lessons can be taken by each individual of the group at any time during the set period. They allow learners to spend time with their teacher on clarification of a particular grammar point/help with pronunciation/catching up on a missed lesson or simply on giving the opportunity to practise intense conversation. We find that beginners who learn a foreign language for the first time can be worried to be out of their depth if they miss one or two lessons, or are concerned about slowing down the rest of the class, and sometimes a single individual session restores confidence and gets them back into the saddle.

Semi intensive learning

  • Four or five 2 hours session per week
  • Ensures rapid progress

Intensive course

  • Six hours a day of tuition
  • Option of a ‘working lunch’

Timing, booking

Classes mostly take place on your company premises, between 8.00am and 8.00pm from Monday to Friday. Saturday classes can be organised upon request.

A flexible approach to booking your course

Ariane Languages has confidence in the quality of its service and does not expect its customers to make lengthy commitments in advance.